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Sunday, 12 July 2020

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Airless Paint Equipment

Improved working conditions, less pollution
Airless systems atomise paint by forcing it through a small orifice (nozzle tip) at high pressure.
This results in less overspray and sprayback-giving a better working environment for the painter.

Reduced material cost
Also, less solvent is required because higher viscosity paint can be applied.
Plus, less overspray means less paint and solvent used. Faster coating speeds
Time is greatly saved through faster application, since one pass produces two to three times thicker material film.
AL 96 Airless Automatic Spray Gun

Designed for high pressure automatic applications

Operating pressure: 250 bar
Operating air pressure: from 4.0 to 7.0 bar
Nylon (fluid) hose connection: G 1/4
Air hose connection: G1/4
Temperature range: 5 to 40 C
Noise Level (LAeq T): 79dB (A)
Fitting dimension: 16 mm
Weight: 480 g

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ALG 7 WB TE Airless Manual Spray Gun

Trigger load: 2,26 Kg
High safety design: the burst pressure is quadruple to the max working pressure
Easy maintenance: it is not necessary to use any special tools to disassemble/assemble. The needle valve set is a complete assembly

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ASM 400 Airless Manual Spray Gun

Airless Spray gun 4-finger model available
Working pressure: 350 bar
Threading of swivel to hose: M 16x1.5 mm
Ergonomic design
Light & compact
Safe internal trigger locks; cannot be accidentally unlocked
Stainless Steel components

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ALS 333 CE Airless Pump

Suitable for low-medium viscosity paints

Pressure ratio 25:1
Delivery per cycle 26 ml/cycle

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ALS 433 CE Airless Pump

Suitable for low-medium viscosity paints

Pressure ratio 30:1
Delivery per cycle 59 ml/cycle

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ALS 453 CE Airless Pump
Suitable for low-medium viscosity paints

Pressure ratio 53:1
Delivery per cycle 35 ml/cycle

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ALS 423 TX - ALS 433 TX Airless Unit
Suitable for high viscosity paints
and thixotropic paints

High Pressure Pump ALS 423 TX
Max fluid pressure: 150 bar
Compression ratio: 23:1
Max fluid delivery: 8 l/min

High Pressure Pump ALS 433 TX
Max fluid pressure: 210 bar
Compression ratio: 30:1
Max fluid delivery: 4.7 l/min

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ALS 633 - ALS 653 Airless Pumps

Suitable for low-medium-high viscosity paints

High Pressure Pumps ALS 653.
Pressure ratio 45:1
Max output 12,5 l/min
Allow use with the Airless Spray Gun
ASM 400

High Pressure Pumps ALS 663.
Pressure ratio 63:1
Max output 11 l/min
Allow use with the Airless Spray Gun
ASM 400

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